Arvind Bhatia Noida “My stay in Nepal was a spiritual odyssey of Nepal. I heard once that even atheists become believers after getting blessed by monks and experiencing Nepal’s unfathomable spiritual milieu- and now I know why! Top highlights of my trip included encounter with a Shaman (faith healer), evening aarti (religious ritual) on the banks of the River Bagmati, and the trip to Pashupatinath Temple and Swayambhunath Stupa”.

If you long for moments of solitude and contemplation to rediscover your positive energy, meditation is excellent. Join a retreat in a monastery and take a course in meditation under the able guidance of a Lama or enrol at one of the several specialised centres in Nepal that offer meditation courses, some of them even Vipassana (an ancient meditation practice).

Visit Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, to see international Buddhist monasteries, study Buddhism, and meditate.

Rinpoche or the Incarnate Lamas have long been offering blessings and conducting ceremonies for the well-being and benefit of individuals, the community, and all sentient beings. You could, if you wish, also receive the blessings of the Lamas at a monastery.

 Find peace and prayers at Swayambhunath, one of the holiest and oldest Buddhist stupas in Nepal that has...

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